Atlanta is Thriving

Atlanta is a city at center stage in a defining moment in its history. Will it continue to be defined by its sprawled metropolitan form, or be known instead as a poster child for sustainable infill urbanization?

Today was an indication that the latter vision is alive and well among the citizens of this city and region. Atlanta Streets Alive, an initiative spearheaded by the city’s Bicycle Coalition, closed 4 miles of Marietta Street and Howell Mill Road to car traffic. The result was a festive day of cycling, human scale street activity, and a series of inspiring talks with a central theme of the role of community among Atlanta’s cyclists. I was very glad that I happened to move to Atlanta for a two week stay on the day of Atlanta Street Alive. It was a resounding celebration of public space.

Below are some assorted photos and videos of the event.

eyes on the street
street seats hosted by Atlanta’s Planning Department
details of a pop up pit stop

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